Grow the Game

Big news are coming over the big pond to Europe. In cooperation with the Lacrosse All Stars network we are able to launch the LimeGreen Lacrosse Blog a few days before the Berlin Open. This Blog will be our and your gate to the world of lacrosse for all the stories European Lacrosse has to offer.


So now it’s up to you sending over reports about events, tournaments, your team or unique and interesting stories about lacrosse in Europe. Don’t worry about writing the article yourself. Just send us as much information as possible with pictures and/or videos about your story and we will write it up for you.

This is already great news. BUT: The cooperation with Lacrosse All Stars goes far above the Blog  itself. As one of our target is to Grow and Improve the game of lacrosse in Europe we partnered up with the LAS Grow The Game initiative.


At the Berlin Open lacrosse player from all over the world will be able to buy our limited edition LimeGreen Lacrosse Grow The Game shirts for the first time and directly support our mission.

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