German Lacrosse for Schools Initiative

LimeGreen Lacrosse is taking the first steps towards integrating the sport of Lacrosse in physical education at German schools. The task-force under supervision of LimeGreen Lacrosse member Gerold Frede works towards creating a concept that can be applied at all schools in Germany. This draft can be a big step towards creating a European wide system to support the integration of Lacrosse at schools.

The main focus of the project is to show and to teach Lacrosse to teachers and thereby to the students In this way, we believe that integration of the sport Lacrosse in PE at schools can be applied easier, better distributed and more directly to the students.

By this way, the LimeGreen Lacrosse initiative works towards developing information material and seminars that can be provided for teachers. In these seminars, the teachers will first of all learn about the sport, its historical background and will help with its development. Besides an introduction to rules of the modern Lacrosse sport, the main part of the seminar will deal with the integration of Lacrosse in PE at schools.

In the next weeks our team will focus on the content of the seminars and the development of a manual with information about Lacrosse and drills that can be applied at school.

For we are very interested that the whole Lacrosse community will be involved in this process we are also working on defining a license and a clinic that will allow every lacrosse player, if successfully participated, to instruct teachers in her/his nearby schools.

To provide long term success and the best outcome our initiative will work closely together with the DLaxV and the ELF.

The first draft of the concept and manual of Lacrosse for Schools will be available at the Berlin Open at the Captain Lax tent. For further information or more ideas regarding our concept, our supervising member Gerold Frede will be available at the Open as well.

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