World Cancer Day

Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day, a day dedicated to one of the most rapidly growing diseases in the world. LimeGreen Lacrosse is taking part and putting effort in improving the chances of people affected by blood cancer which are still not as high as they could be.

The UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) is working along with other organizations worldwide to bring the topic ‘cancer’ to discussion. For that reason Feb 4th represents the World Cancer Day. Predictions show rapid growth of people affected by cancer in the following decade with blood cancer being ranked second most in overall cancer affections.

Compared to other types of cancer people affected by blood cancer have the chance to be cured by a bone marrow donation from a healthy donator. Unfortunately, the number of donators is still low and the chances of finding a matching donator not as good as they could be. We want to increase the number of donators but also spread awareness for the disease. As a result we would like to share this year’s message of the world cancer day:

World Cancer Day 2014 focuses on Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer, under the tagline “Debunk the myths”

mythsCommon Myths about cancer. Klick on the image to find out more

For more details about the World Cancer Day, blood cancer, how to get involved and how to support those affected by cancer visit the following webpages:

An organization we partnered up with which is dedicated to finding new bone marrow donators is the DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei). They are also using the World Cancer Day to clear up some myths about bone marrow donation:

1619199_10152005700902979_1460232955_nNo surgery is required for a Bone Marrow Donation !!!

1901441_10152006105847979_298627607_n90 people are diagnosed with blood cancer in Germany daily!16618_10152005916957979_80565638_nRegistration for becoming a Bone Marrow Donator is quite easy.



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