EastCoast Dyes

EastCoast Dyes is the American stringing company when it comes to custom stringing and wax mesh supply. Starting of as a YouTube channel for custom stringing and dying Lacrosse Heads, ECD founder Greg elevated ECD in 2012 to another level by selling out EastCoast mesh which is probably the best Lacrosse mesh in the world.

eastcoast dyes

Instead of keeping his experience and stringing patterns to himself,  Greg’s interest lies more in showing people how to proper string up their sticks and share this knowledge with everyone willing to learn how to properly string. By doing so the EastCoast Dyes Youtube Channel became more and more to the every-day-stringers bible. Providing a huge amount of tutorial videos on stringing a big variety of different heads with different pockets everyone could find a piece of stringing that suits his needs best. By creating a stringing database in late 2012 with tutorials for stringing based on head type and pocket setup ECD provided the ultimate stringing tool for the world of men’s Lacrosse.

In 2012 ECD made the big pitch by selling out hundreds of pieces of EC mesh and could make the big step towards an independent stringing company profiting not from stringing and dyeing anymore but just from selling EastCoast mesh. In early 2013 a big amount of retail stores offer EC mesh in lots of different color options an help growing the ECD community.